how i buy music for our company's game?

i need help, how can i contact you ? envato ,i have found several music tracks that i want to put into our company’s game. So how i buy it properly? i choose the highest level, but don’t know weather we can use them in our game.

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For games, you want to get the Mass Reproduction license.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. You can also ask support for an official Envato answer, but it may take some time.

can’t send the support emails, said: The CAPTCHA verification failed. Please try again.
but no captcha i found

This is weird, and not something I can help you with unfortunately.
All I can say is that when you buy a Mass Reproduction license you can indeed use the music in a video game. I’m not sure what else you want to know.

thanks for you reply, is it the Music Broadcast & Film the right license?

The Music Broadcast and Film is required for TV or major movies. As I said in my previous post, for a game you want to choose the “Music Mass Reproduction” license.

Music Mass Reproduction” license. —Up to 1 million broadcast audience.
our game user may be more than that~

Broadcast means TV broadcast. It doesn’t apply to you. The Music Mass Reproduction allows for an unlimited number of copies of your game.