how have authorization for uplaod on motion graphics

Hello guys if I’m here today on forums is because i have a question
how have authorization for upload on motion graphics ?
Always time i go in motion ghapics i have a message that talk about “You are restricted from uploading to certain VideoHive categories.”
the problem is i dont know how have authorization for don’t be restricted .

Thanks to all those who reply

You need to submit portfolio first. If they meet quality guidelines. Then they will approve you to upload motion graphics

thanks you for your reply but rightnow i have another problem i dont know where is it portofolio :sweat_smile: ?

I think you need to submit it through a form for aporoval

submit the a W form ?

No. What does form W have to do with it?
You must submit your portfolio for review.
It is strange that you ask about it, despite the fact that it has been discussed on the forums dozens of times.
Here’s all info:

thank you and is because I am a" new " member of this community

It’s ok :slight_smile:
You can use search toolbar for quick finding the answer to the question you are interesting in. Perhaps someone has already asked a similar question before you and received an answer

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thanks you very much volunteer moderator Romlam