How hard it is for new author in Envato market to compete with other autohrs.

Hi, Everyone

I’m new to Envato market, So I wanted to start my journey of being author in Envato by hearing some amazing tips & tricks of How can a beginner author who has just began his/her journey in Envato market can compete and show of their talent.

First when I created my account in Envato and after few days I uploaded some After effects project files which I had done, but all of them were rejected because of those templates were lacking in quality, for some days I got depressed :pensive: and after few days I again started to create, this item I started to create website themes in .PSD format and I’ve uploaded one which is under review. So here what I want to tell is that, I want users in Envato to discuss and share their experiences, problems and success stories so that new Authors who have just begun in Envato market can come up.

Can you please suggest or discuss about how can authors overcome and can compete with other authors.:slightly_smiling:

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Hi Akhi,

You don’t necessarily have to compete with the other authors - you don’t need to put it in this way. Your primarily goal is to create content - as best as you can. Your ‘job’ as an animator is to create better and better videos. So if you got a first rejection this means that you have to learn more. Watch the best selling videos from here, then watch yours - try to analyze what’s missing and improve your work.

Your true battle is with yourself, not others :slightly_smiling:

We all got rejected and we all have continued producing better and better templates.

All the best,


Thanks for your inspiration

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Hi Akhi!
My advice - start with the most simple. I’ve started with the design of banners, is now planning to expand - psd flyers, then simple pages, and then the development of sites, etc.

I think that to start to adapt, to understand how the system works, and what works in demand. Good luck in all your endeavors!

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  1. It is not about ‘competing’ with other authors. Comparing yourself to other files and asking why they got accepted and you didn’t etc. is the worst thing you can possibly do. You need to find your own style and comfort zone

  2. Have the right mentality. This is a marketplace for pros and capable amateurs. Anyone who comes here thinking they can throw something together in a few days (esp. when based on other peoples’ work) is kidding themselves

  3. Success takes time and commitment. to many new authors see this as a quicker earner and ‘easy’. This is far from the case.

  4. Designing or developing files for a stock marketplace is NOT the same as in the real world. The key is quality, functionality, attention to detail and versatility.

  5. Reviewers are NOT your enemy. Contrary to the often unjustified bashing they may get, reviewers are picked for their expertise in the field and their knowledge of the marketplaces. Take any rejection as an opportunity to learn and improve - long term driving more sales.

  6. Take your time and have fun. Authors who put too much pressure on themselves tend to miss the obvious or make mistakes. If you do not enjoy what you are doing here then you will struggle.

You will see people suggesting that new authors are unfairly rejected and that elites are favourtised. This is simply not true. Elites do get approved more often but that is because they have earned that title and as a result know what is expected/needed to be approved.

If you follow best practice and focus on functional, high quality and original work then you have a very good chance. Good luck


Best response ever. I think things are more competitive than ever across all market places, success is earnt!

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Consider following this simple formula for each project you create:

Original + Creative + Functional + Versatile = Success!

Original - is your project distinguishable from reproductions, clones, forgeries, or derivative works?

Creative - does your project transcend traditional ideas, rules, methods, interpretations, or imaginations?

Functional - is your project fully capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed?

Versatile - is your project capable of being adapted for various genres, needs, and purposes?

If your work meets all of these variables, then you have greatly increased your chances for a successful project! :wink: