How frequently can I change my product price?

I published an item recently. I want to know if there is any restriction in price modification.
I am not able to decide the best price for my item. I don’t know why a user will pay amount suggested by Envato. I want to play with the price of the item changing every week. Can I do that?
Is there any restriction?


As far as I know you can change the price unlimited number of times


Authors are limited to six promotions within a calendar year per item, which includes any promotions coordinated by Envato. Again, you can change your price whenever you like, but can only refer to the item as being “discounted”, “on sale” or a similar description identifying it as a special price a maximum of six times.
For example, you can’t run a different promotional discount on an item every week for the entire year.

And you should choose the best option of price yourself, since discussion of pricing is prohibited by the forum rules :point_up:

Envato market have ADP system you can keep your item price as you wish.
Help full article about Envato ADP.

At Envato Forum Rules Wise We Do Not Allowed Price Discussion.
Community Guideline


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