How free file affects views (and sales) and how much it is worth it




Free file reward affects your views and sales of featured item in a positive way, but as the one keep progressing on Audiojungle, the worth of free file becomes lower, because an author already has a big customer base and well-established portfolio.

Hey guys,

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get the free file of the month, and I was kinda curious about how this would affect my views and sales, etc, and I think a lot of people might be curious as well about how free file affects your progress on Audiojungle.

So once I got the free file I thought It will be the very cool boost during the period my file was “pinned” to the main page, but as it turned out it is much more than that. So let’s take a look.

First of all, let’s check the data during the November 2017, when I had the free file.

A few things come to mind, first - these two big peaks - 24869 on the period from Nov 09 to Nov 11 and 22937 from Nov 28 to Nov 30 respectfully.

Now, it is very interesting why these peaks occurred, and why only two of them? The answer is very simple - on these particular days, there were mass emails to Envato subs (I am one of them :slight_smile: )

Now let’s involve a little math here.
Assuming that the average pageview of my item was around 2892,2 per day (without mailout), can we agree that mailout increased the views in around ~8.6 times?

The second interesting thing is the comparison of views before and after the free file was pinned on the main page. Let’s take a quick a look at the month before - October 2017.

The significant difference and it is pretty terrible :slight_smile: The average view per day is 1.8.
Now let’s involve some math again here. I want to know the exact difference I had before and after featured free file. Ready for that?
The views increased in 2320,2 times which is the ridiculous number!

But It is actually way more than that, because of the outcome in a long run, and I will show it below now.
Take a look at this graph:

Now, it shows that before I got the spot, my file had some activity in May/June 2017 (probably because of Videohive) and after that It was almost silent. Featuring gave an enormous boost, and what is much more important, it gave my file “new life” for a long run (more than 5 months so far). Unfortunately, it is slowly decreasing again and probably will reach the spot before featuring sooner or later.


A quick update (thanks @SineBricks for rising my interest) - another short graph just to show you guys how free file affects sales of the whole portfolio:

It is turned out that there is no significant difference in terms of sales from the whole portfolio.
Moreover, you can clearly see that I had the nice peak at the March/April 2017, and I only had quite the same only once after free file, in Feb 2018. Moreover, sales decreased dramatically in the last few months! So, if a free file is good for you (we can see the numbers), then something must be wrong here then…
And actually, in my particular case, this might happened because from February to the beginning of April of 2018 I did not upload anything, but again it seems to be that the problem is not that easy, and I think it involves lots factors, such as current trends, the necessity of new/niche tracks, search engine tweaks and test, etc…


Thanks for the great question, @RedOctopus, but I went a little bit further, to gather more data.

Here is the graph:

I think it basically speaks for itself, but let’s make some quick calculations:
I want to know the average number of sales for the 6 months before and after featuring and it is around 2.3 and 5.3 sales respectfully each month, or ~120% growth of sales for a featured item after getting the spot. :slight_smile:


An answer would be “of course, why don’t you want to get a free file”. But I want to dive a little bit deeper here, and actually, the true answer is - it depends.

First of all, I want to calculate average views per month before featured file and it is around 111.8 views. Now, assuming that 2.3 was the average sale number in this period, we can estimate that ratio of sale/view is 0.02.
Let’s check now the period after featuring.
Again, the average views per month after featuring are 19681, which is great, right? Alright, let’s take 5.3 sales from this and calculate the ratio of sale/view and it is 0.00026.

Ok, so what these numbers tell to us. Well, it turned out that things are not that simple with the Free File. While I had 120% growth in sales, considering the ratio of post-free file period (+ lost sales during the free period, although I got a few :smiley:) , I would not think about that as a huge boost in general.

So is it worth it or not?

Well, basically, I think it could be a really great boost for the beginners and average authors like me because of growing customer base + Videohive partnering, but for those who already good and established at AJ, I do not think it could be the best item investment. You may disagree. :slight_smile:

Now, this graph just to show in my opinion, what happens in the reality:

That’s being said, you want to have a free file as early as possible because you want to build yourself fast and you want earn more, and on the later stages it is probably, does not affect your business much, (except if you have your top-seller as a free file, but I am not sure this could happen), plus, at some point it could be even harmful, if the one has established, well-selling portfolio and big customer base, getting free file might be a disaster in this particular situation because the one lose sales from the item. But do not worry, I am sure this is the very very rare case :slight_smile:

That’s it for today, thanks for reading this, I hope it was not very boring :slight_smile: and please share your thoughts and ideas as well!



Hi TitanSlayer!

Thanks for the info!
It’s not boring at all)

I wanted to ask two things:
1 - did that free file of the month brought you more sales for that item after the “free month”?
2 - did that free file of the month brought you more sales on your other items?

Thank you!

  1. I think it did (I even had some sales during the free period), but it hard to calculate and estimate either the sale was from the free file boost or from the search engine or from external promotion or even combined, and last is probably true in my case and I guess in most of cases.
  2. The answer is probably. Of course, a lot of customers could jump right into my portfolio and check the items I have there and chances that they would purchase some of them are much higher than usual. I think it is possible to approximately calculate that, but it is easier said than done.

You are welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you bro for this ! Statistics are absolutly crazy !!

You said that fantastic numbers 24869 and 22937 was because of mass emails to envato sub but what about the other days ?

You get in average 2892 views per day just because your free item wan pinned on the main page ?

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:


Very cool explanation!, good luck improving sales for next months!


The opposite of boring. Truly clear and informative. Thanks for sharing all the data and your in-depth analysis!


Thank you very much for sharing this. There is so much to understand/learn (if possible) about this business. Thanks for being open and helpful.:+1:


Wow, thanks! Can you share with us how many times your item has been sold in October and December?


Yes. Again, the first (and second of course) mailout increased my pageviews later in a long run during the month (and even later), but assuming the data, I think we can agree that it could be around ~1500-2000 for each day, without mailout and will begin decreasing slowly closer to the end of the month. But since Envato do send emails twice we should not be afraid of a low number of views :smiley:

@RedOctopus I just updated the article with the answer to your question :slight_smile:


Ok great ! Thank you for the infos and to share this ! :slight_smile: :+1:


So like you said it’s not a great deal but still it can slightly increase sales. And it’s better to submit less popular files from your portfolio because it might make some harm to your selling model.

BTW Some time ago I have been comparing how “free file” affects visibility of this file in search results during the “free” month. And it looked like visibility doesn’t change at all. Also the free file has been positioned relatively far in search results. I have been comparing only one free file so maybe it was a random statistic mistake.


In my cause, I have the same sales like in past month, nothing special.
I have WordPress theme free of the month for May 2018.
And visits is like an new theme, more visits in 1-2-3 days, then small visits.

Maybe free of the month is good for some users, maybe for others not…

Thanks for the post.

Good luck


Thank you very much for your time and words, great insight very complete and professional. This is priceless stuff, thanks for sharing


I would agree, but unfortunately, it is not that easy because of this:

Alright, can we agree that 50 sales are quite a good number for an item? If so, that raises the interesting dilemma.
Do you want to “sacrifice” the track which is already selling quite well in order to boost your presence and grow your customer base OR things are going good without that and assuming that you may lose some sales during the free period, should you submit a file for a featuring or not? I think it depends on the current and progressive situation of a particular author. If the one has 100 items and only 1 item with 50 sales or more, is it worth to submit a bestseller then or not?

Hi, thanks for the reply! Do you mean that the sales from the portfolio are the same as before, or you mean that your WordPress theme is selling while it is free? :anguished:

You are welcome :slight_smile:


My sales are the same on my profile. In my case i don’t see any difference that i have frre of the month.



Thanks for the explanation. That is very good statistics you led there.