How Fast After Buy...

I need a very fast support, if I buy a template how soon can the developer can help me set it up usually?

If you purchase any of item from me then you will received fast support.
But All of one is HTML template no WordPress Theme.


Just FYI - while most authors try to help, installation is not included in envato’s support policy so there is no obligation to do it.


And one more thing - now is weekend - some of developers may not give you support until Monday.

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Sure, the difficulty with the tight schedule is weekend… Sure,
Well, I mean not installation, @charlie4282 but set the default home page that not came with default. I did seen many reply concerning that template I wanna buy replied via email with initial reply “Please send me your wp-admin address and login”

Well… how can I make sure it is not going to make my site vulnerable? —

It’s hard to give feedback as we are not the author but if it’s a WP theme then it would not look like the demo until dummy content is installed. I don’t see why the author would need access if that is the problem? They could just point you in the right direction to install this

There you said it… I think there is a special trick. But, instead give it by default, why should they let the customers questioning… So, my conclusion is find another theme. Thank you for the discussion. :blush:

Just to be clear they would need to login to the admin if you are not clear on how to install dummy content - this will be the same with any theme you have

I would be extremely surprised if this process is not covered in item documentation. Have you checked that

Not covered, dude… Even when they already provide the tutorial video, still keep me confusing since the version is different…

Unfortunstely, while installing demo content is not something which typically changes with item or WP versions, it’s impossible to help without seeing the theme info, what’s there or access.

@yohaneseko : All author support ASAP for make more clients and for five stars rating.

You can contact different way to author for support

Thanks :slight_smile: