How far am I from AudioJungle standarts?

Hello! I’m new here.
I’ve uploaded 4 tracks and all of them were hard rejected. I understand, that they don’t reach AJ quality standarts, but I’m not sure what exactly isn’t good enough. And how far is the approvement level?
Help me with that, give your feedback, please. I’ll appriciate that very much!

Hello Friend!
I have listened to your tracks. My advice (has worked with me) is: look for an AudioJungle approved track that has the musical characteristics of your music (style, instrumentation, character, etc.) and pay close attention to:

  • The sound of the instruments and, if it is an orchestrated track, pay much attention to the dynamics of each instrument. Try to get current audio libraries. There are many tutorials on the internet that talk about the best libraries and how to use the dynamics of the instruments in orchestral tracks to make them sound more realistic.

  • Mix. Volume levels, spatial depth (room, reverb, delay …) and panes.

  • The equalization of the instruments. Each instrument has to be equalized according to its characteristics and the musical style of track.

  • The mastering. The dynamic range and overall equalization of the track depends very much on the musical style of your track.

  • also, you can help pay attention to the musical structure of the track that you have chosen as a reference.

I hope my words will help you.

Hi and welcome aboard! Sadly, I think you are still quite far from the orchestral soundtrack standard. Mind you, it is one of the most competitive genres and there are professional level profiles here that especially focus on this kind of film music. I think AJ doesn’t really accept subpar orchestral tunes as there are so many high quality tunes coming in every day.

If you want to focus on this genre, I suggest you get the best VST libraries you can and learn how to produce that Hollywood sound. If your tune doesn’t sound like it might be in a film trailer, it probably won’t make it past the screening.

You might have better chance at some not so competitive genre like ambient or world music.

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Thank you guys! I’ve got it! Very useful replies. Went learning and practicing))


Good job, I think you have some good skills, but you need to go “deeper”.

I have two simple tips:

Long term tip: try to explore different libraries, some of them should sound better.
Short term tip: more reverb on tracks :slight_smile: (but I’ve listened only to first track on laptop speakers, so I am not sure in 100% about that)

Hey Johnny, whats good
I see you know how to play and compose, and that’s very good to be a musician behind stock music, bravo! I also love that “eastern touch” in the melodies :slight_smile:

But you need far better libraries to compete here, totally. in the first place. You need them absolutely, if not it sounds cheap and midi.

Also in producing I would suggest you to listen to top sellers in your styles, it will guide you on how to produce better (I don’t hear transitions, dynamics, hits, and stuff it’s used in cinematic tracks) also try to create more ambience and depth :slight_smile:
keep up the good work

You need better sounds, check some online tutorials of mixing cinematic, or any music per se, and you will be fine!
Just don’t give up, mate!

Thank you for your feedbacks! It helps me very much, it’s all much more clear now!

I echo the sentiments/advice others have expressed. You’ve got great musical ideas; you just need to focus on the mix and the nitty-gritty aspects of music production. Reverb and equalization are your friends. Best of luck to you! :slight_smile: