How evnato supports new authors that has good quality product

I’m the buyer of envato. from the beginning of the year i have quite look around to being author in envato however i don’t understand how envato supports a new author or how to make a marketing in this marketplace to sale our products even you have good quality of product how can i contrast my products do i have to find customers from outside? also seems like there is way too much products that has no quality still boring few authors. LOOKS LIKE NO CHANCE TO BEING a good author even they have good skillful products share you opinion.

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There is every chance of being a good author, just as long as you do high end, fast enough.


Envato supports all authors the same, whether old or new… it’s your job to stand out from the crowd!


indeed. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your opinion I agree with you but in customer side it’s different i guess here is many authors are uploading their products and customer really straggling to get a new good files. After all customer has no choice to get back to old author’s files which means envato has to be contrast new good authors who has good files needs to have opportunity to make lot’s of sales. which is good at both side customer and authors

Not really true, l have old files or flyers, that used to do well, but rarely sell these days. And the only reason for that, is that they are so far behind in search results now, and don’t have as many bells and whistles that my more recent ones have, and repeat customers can only buy so many, comes into play.

Seasonal, old, (my flyers) can sell when new is introduced, but new tends to sell better, (better visually, and at the top of the search results).

My first flyer, (that was pretty basic) did really well, since l put elements in front of a wave, (not an easy design to get accepted here).

And other newbie designs l see here, do quite well, (not everyone is fussed with whiz-bang lighting affects).

So if you are brand new, and have no idea, but try anyway, then sure you will have a few failures, and get some in, and get some sales, and it will take you a lot longer to produce flyers, since you don’t know about Smart Objecting your Preview images yet, or don’t know what Actions are.

But if you keep at it, then you will learn about this and other shortcuts, that don’t retract from quality, and if anything they add to it, but don’t take that much longer to implement.

It takes, time, some money, hard work and learning to get really good at this, but that door is open to anyone.

And l believe that Envato uses Adwords traffic for their hub sites, so we don’t have to be fussed with traffic and can concentrate on products.

Good luck.


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Thank you very much indeed.
I’m new at it your explanation is really helpful.
I have prepared couple of files to upload i’m sure it will be pass through an enavto submission because i have already worked hard at it and I decided to get information from authors their are already successful because i don’t want to be a failed or nothing to sale. maybe i expected to much or something never know.
if you have any good experience i would be really appreciated and we might be support each other to get better result.

Amm, thanks and l think that the support, would probably be one way for the immediate future, (click on my avatar graphic, and top link to take a squiz at my work) but as others know, l am happy to offer advise or feedback.

But even the best of us get rejections, so don’t get your hopes up too much.