How Envato is allowing to sell a script which is not supported by the author anymore?!

Hello Envato! I don’t know where this post will go, under which category because there is surely no category like ‘Complaints’ or ‘Reporting’, so I am just writing this without any category. I request the Admins to put this in proper category.

Now to the point, this script InstiKit School - School Management System & School ERP is no longer supported by its author ScriptMint. Still it is being sold on Envato. How is that so?! Shouldn’t Envato remove this item from its repository and from the sales page? If someone purchases this item without seeing the message, he/she will be at the author’s mercy on giving support and if the author charge a ridiculous amount and don’t give that support after getting payment, no one will be there to support the purchaser. I would like to know what’s Envato saying on this aspect as we trust Envato?


You can let support know but:

  • authors are required to support items if they declare openly that they do not

  • with tens of thousands of items for sale envato cannot possibly know when an author decides to stop supporting items and to a degree rely on the community helping to let them know.

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Apart from what @charlie4282 stated, what you’re asking may fall into the “customization” category which allows the author to ask additional payment - or - if the item support expired ( 6 months ) then you may need to renew it before getting the support.

In addition, the item is already marked as “not supported” therefor there may be not much things to “complain”