How eligible this flyer is for a graphicriver

How eligible this flyer is for a graphicriver ? need any change or quality develop? please give your experience

@n2n44 please give your feedback

I like it, the colours are nice, there’s plenty of design elements, the icons arent generic, and the layout seems pretty good.

I’m sure others will have more critiques, but my main thing would be to have a different font for the bodies of text. It looks like you’re using Roboto Slab, which is a nice font, and it also pairs really nicely with Open Sans. One thing to always try when having lots of text is to choose two different fonts, usually one Serifed and one Sans-serif. In this case you could use Roboto Slab as the titles and headers, and then Open Sans as the body text.

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hi for me this looks nice, globally cleanly and tastefully done, though there may be some small things to fix there and there … like the contrast and readability of “avantage”. The hierarchy could be improved slightly by giving the website a decent visibility too , because at this stage it looks small, isolated and a bit disconnected from the rest in a way …, justifying blocks would make the texts look neater again and i would suggest to rework the logo to have something really more punchy and that magnifies your work instead of sort of flattening it … icons could be slightly more complex, it would not hurt too … but globally your item is cool already in my view , if u can fix the additional small thing, logically this should make it indeed …

Design is good. Color combinations are also good. Selection of fonts is good. Spacing of pink line is slightly inconsistent between first and second picture. As a whole slightly scattered and crowded. Rest Every thing is good.