How edit this on Loan Company WordPress Theme ?

Please, how to edit loan products on home page 1 on Loan Company Responsive WordPress Theme.

It only allows you to edit “title and subtitle”, not "Personal loan, home loan, etc,"not even in html.

There is no information in the documentation.

best regard.


may be used any page builder to make those content. Please go to edit the page and check any page builder there. If yes then you can edit the content from there. Also you can check Appearance => Widgets.

Also you can check theme documentation.


The page builder is “WP Backery”… and in this section appears

but as you can see, there is no way to edit that, only change button text an grid element per row.

nothing on, styling options, loan category, gallery.

“WP Backery” have inside some premade style like this "OT LOAN "(on image)…but I can’t find where to edit that, not even in html, front side.

founded.For future searches :slight_smile:

check at the end of loan page.