How Earning money % if I will sell video template on videohive?

Hi to all:
I need know, how earning money % If I will sell video template on videohive? please help me thanks.

Weird question. What is the difference between selling on videohive and selling on graphicriver? It’s the same

See you I earning 50% sell on themeforest but I need know if I will sell videohive earning regards.

p.s: sorry I not speak english for so my bad english

You will get 50% on Videohive too

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Many thanks :slight_smile: regards.

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If you’re exclusive, and have sold less than $3,750, then you get 62.5% of the item price on all marketplaces. Although, 50% works as well… if you’re exclusive, are selling on a marketplace which doesn’t have ADP and you’ve sold less than $3,750 of stuff.

Keep in mind that you only get 50% on Themeforest if the fixed buyers fee is exactly 20% of the list price… otherwise, you’ll get slightly more or less.

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