How does the return process work?

Hello Envato family, I gave up a product due to missing documents and files. And the author approved my return request. I made the payment via PayPal. Is the refund being credited to our PayPal account or will it be credited to our envato account.

I am in a hurry for a serious project and I want to buy the product I want. If the money will go back to my PayPal account, now I want to buy the new application. But if it is returned to my account as credit, I have to wait.

Can you please give an explanatory detail?

  • Returns accepted by the author today.


How long will it take for my refund request to be processed?

If your refund request is sent to an author you should expect to receive a response within five days . If this doesn’t happen, you can “raise a dispute”, which means you ask our Help Team to look into it.

If your refund request is approved by the author, it is sent to the Envato Help Team for processing. This usually takes three to five business days .

For more info

get in touch with Envato market help center they would like to assist you.


Thank you for the answer. I have done a deep research on how it works and I have knowledge. My refund request has been accepted by the developer. I have received notification from Envato about this.

Here is what I am curious about and asking about; “I made a payment via PayPal, will the refund be made as money to my PayPal account, will the envato be defined as credit to my account” If it will be defined as credit, can I ask them to reflect the credit right now, because I need to buy another application immediately. Also, if the reason I am not purchasing at the moment is refused as a loan, it will cause me to do no good because I will not be able to use the refunded amount.

As a result, get information about how they made my refund. I already know the return process. Is the refund transferred as money or credit? Note; Payment was made by PayPal.

Thank you again for your information.