How does the logo section work?

I see logos have multiple sales.

that means many companys are using the same design as their logos?

is it normal?

I’m not sure exactly how that works (if it can cause problems) but the logo section has been around since 2011 and there don’t seem to be problems.

I find it a little strange as well, though that’s the risk with buying pre-made logos, there’s a good chance someone else will have the same one.

However, it is a very cheap and easy way of getting a logo that you can then tweak to make it your own. There are also MANY great looking logos that have no sales what-so-ever, so if you’re able to find one of those that you like then you don’t have much to worry about.

Check out this guy for example, I love his logo designs, but they pretty much all have little to no sales. Kinda sucks for the author, but a great opportunity for the buyer.