How does pro filmmaker really find their ideal sound effects quickly?

Hello Pro filmmakers!

I am just starting out and finding the right sound effects is becoming very challenging and time consuming.

My problem is, when I hear an ideal sound effects in a film and find it suitable for my video too, I have so much trouble finding it on the 1000’s of sound fx websites or in my own database! Even I don’t know what it’s called so I can search for it! sometimes I spend a full day just trying to find a right sound fx by try and error and listen to countless sound effects!mad!

I hope there’s a more efficient way to do this. How does pro filmmaker really find their ideal sound effects quickly?

If i’m not correct, I’m pretty sure they use tags or certain types of like searching for example if you were looking for a certain type of future bass you could use “Marshmello Future Bass Chill”

Use they use tags, but I have two issues: 1- find out what tags are related to my sound really 2- so much time wasted in listening to so many clips

I hope there’s a more efficient way!

I think that the sound library used by professional sound engineers has a very good category structure and a detailed description of each sound or FX.And they have the ability to create the necessary sounds and effects.
For example

Thank you! my requirements are very simple, I want to create something similar to this:

how can I identify the sound effects of a clip by listening to it, and find it on the web? my main issue is identify or name a sound after listening to it, any sound pack you can recommend that can cover all the sound effects used in this clip?