How does pricing work?

Hello All,

I have submitted a graphic with 5 PSD and it sells for $6 I have created a similar one but a bundle with 12 PSDs and it sells for $7 how is this decided? I am not complaining, just wondering ! :smile:


I hope this help article answers your question.


If you bundle items you get priced cheaper, for example a 250+ page PSD theme is $11 but if you upload a 10 page PSD theme you get priced $12.

making bundles make the price of each item lower indeed and normally all the things, except in the categories in which self pricing is already on, u have a determined price for any item (and the price is fixed by the reviewer), with a variation of one dollar over and under … the problem is that this is generating some inconsistencies sometimes and that either people who get the additional dollar or have one dollar less fail to understand why, i am personally against self pricing and i like having no difference at all between items from a category, a fixed price is fair all know what they get and why …