How does my theme look before upload?

İn 2 days, it will be completed.what do you think about my theme? İ worry to rejected :confused:

Now i dont use optimization plugin so its slow so sorry.

( Now only desktop )


With respect and I get that it’s not finished, and I am not trying to be harsh, but you need to forget this one and take time to refine your skills and examine the standards for envato.

There’s really too much to feedback on in detail but just as a start:

  • the code can’t validate

  • there are huge errors with design basics throughout e.g. styling, typography, construction, spacing, alignment etc.

  • there’s no fluidity to the site and it feels like a few bits, pieces, elements all chucked together rather than having a practical flow

  • there’s no premium features or functionality (not helped by the design issues)

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Thanks for your fast reply.whats mean of code cant validate? İs there any document to learn envato styling,spacing etc. Standarts and how to?

The code needs to validate (or at least be close) you have serious issues which prevents it even being checked properly.

There’s not really ‘envato standards’ - again without meaning to be nasty - the issues you have are with absolute basic design principals.

Look at yours then compare it to a popular one already for sale on Themeforest and you will see the difference