How does corporate identity affect new music approvals?

I’m new here with AudioJungle and there has been a massive learning curve trying to get my musical compositions to a point where they are ‘commercially’ valuable. I’ve created two accounts one exclusive and the other non-exclusive. On my exclusive account my first track was a hard rejection and the cookie cutter email that was sent didn’t give me clear and specific direction towards fixing it. Here are the following factors that may have played a role in my rejection:

1.) The account is new and it was my first submission
2.) The track was too repetitive / not mixed or mastered up to an acceptable level or not something deemed worthy to display in front of corporate clients.
3.) The account itself hadn’t been marketed well (branding, profile information etc…)

Was it simply that the song was not up to par or could my other factors have played a role and if so would a better marketed account give the reviewer more incentive to approve the track?

I plan to post the track I’m referring to shortly along with a few other pieces I’d like to gain approval on in the near future.


I believe a rejection could only be based on the quality of the music. There are numerous tracks on AJ with poor descriptions and limited tags etc, but the audio is still excellent. I doubt descriptions and graphics have any bearing on the buyer’s decision, since they do most of their listening in the search window which doesn’t show any of that stuff anyway!


Naturally , most ( almost all ) buyers are looking for tracks via a search engine , it is important to the creative title track and most importantly the quality , I’m sure if the track quality that will see like 1000 people and of them will buy a 100 people , if the track is of poor quality then it will look 1,000 people and buys well a maximum of 10 people at most .

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No paranoia. Music quality only. Learn what kind of music are acceptable here and that’s it.


Forget point 1 and 3 :wink: There are profiles with not even profile pictures, also without descriptions…

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Ok, thanks for all the feedback. My main focus will be on making sure my stock music pieces match other approved pieces in terms of progression, composition, mixing and mastering and overall creativity. Really appreciate you guys chiming in on this one.