How does commission or tax works??

I am selling a product on codecanyon @ $39 and I am not an exclusive author
Sales earnings this month (October), after associated author fees, & before taxes: $15.30
It’s due to “Non-Exclusive Author Fee 55%”
39- Buyer fee(5)-55%

But why it’s showing my balance is Your balance: $5.09
I belong to the UAE country.

On this marketplace you have to pay your author fee rate based on your gross income of a sale and also the US withholding tax based on your gross income.

I’m assuming your sale was a sale to a US customer and the UAE does not have a tax treaty with the USA so the 30% USRWT charge applies.

$39.00 - $5.00 = $34.00 -> author's gross income
$34.00 * 0.55 = $18.70 -> author fee
$34.00 * 0.30 = $10.20 -> US withholding tax
$34.00 - $18.70 - $10.20 = $5.10 -> eanings

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Thank you for your reply, Yes, indeed it is.
One more question I am working here in Dubai but I belong to Pakistan, currently working on web applications remotely with my brother and he is in Pakistan, and hopefully, I will get back to Pakistan soon and joined him.
Can I update my tax info to my brother he belongs to Pakistan and working with me on the same projects? Because Pakistan has a tax treaty with the USA.

No… your account, your tax details.

So when I will go to Pakistan then should I update my country with my detail


Okay thank you!