How does 3D ocean pricing work?

Hey there! I’m new here and I’m selling a 3D model for $8 but I only get $1 for each sale, though terms say that I should get more than 50% of its price for each sale. I’ve read through all the FAQ but couldn’t find anything related to my problem.

The terms say you’ll get 62.5% of the item price. The item price is the list price minus the buyer’s fee. You will have specified the item price when you uploaded the item… you can double check what it is by going to any of your items and clicking on ‘edit’ then ‘edit description and price’.

After that, you may have US withholding tax deducted depending on where you’re from, and what info you’ve provided. Unless your item has a high buyers fee, then that sounds like what might be happening here. You should go to your settings page, and then the tax section… and fill in a W8 form.