How do you verify Users License & avoid More that one installation for single licence?

Dear Envato Authors,

I have a few questions from all Envato Expert Authors:

  1. How do you check for a license in your product?
  2. How do you make sure the end user is using the app for single installation only?

I have heard many authors delete/blocks user application when used multiple time, how do they do? I believe it can be done using a custom build License manage with some checks, is this what you do?

Any responses or reference will be nice, also if you use any scripts available in codecanyon then please share .

Thank you.

Hello @thewebfosters

You can verify buyer using this

You can find YOUR-API-KEY: from your profile -> Settings - > API Keys

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As @anon76595093 suggested, you can use the API to check if the theme is already installed and you can throw a message to the user that it’s been already used .

Most of the authors are allowing the users to install the plugins ( demo data ) but this is not also 100% working solution. Consider that the guy who’s using the theme could clone the website after installation ( demo data + plugins ) and he can just remove the error message ( by just searching the error code inside of the theme )

In that case, it’s more “providing support” for the purchased users.

Hello @ki-themes

What about if buyer share purchased code with friend then?

All author first verify purchased code before support. how we can get he is actual buyer?

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There’s nothing you can do about this as well except trusting the buyers

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Yes, know this. Do you directly check for this in your app provided to the user? Customers can search for it and remove the code :stuck_out_tongue:

many authors delete/blocks user application when used multiple time, how do they do?


We can’t do anything in this type of situation, We have only option verify theme purchased code. We can’t control what buyer do with our app after purchase :smiley:

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It’s important to realize that there’s no 100% protection available. Even complex product with included license checks and additionally encoded (like Kayako HelpDesk, for example) get nulled sometimes. However, if you have some type of protection, and it stops some person (who hasn’t much coding skills) from nulling your script, you earn money (because he will most likely purchase your script after failing to crack it). So it’s a clear win.

Many of these Envato authors use our licensing solution, which does that and [optionally] auto-deletes all files locally on user’s machine when illegal usage is detected.