How do you upgrade an already purchased license?

Envato is a company that has terrible communication. I have sent a request form numerous times, to upgrade a license that I have already purchased twice but refuse to buy it again a 3rd time when they claim to have an upgrade option. Nobody has had the decency to respond back to me and when I got in touch with the artist he has told me that it is not his issue as the account transaction is linked to Envato and not him. I am fuming at this company, as I literally think they ignore you so they can scam you so you keep repeatedly buying the license all in order for them to gain money. Be very careful when purchasing. When I initially brought the commercial license for my short film I had no idea that it would have had so many views in less than a year but has pretty much gone viral. But I have no way of updating the license via the way they claim so now I am left with a possible copyright infringement or have to remove the song from my film. I will definitely be reporting this company to have it looked into as it’s a total rip off.

I’ve never heard of there being a ‘upgrade’ for licenses. where did you see/read that? Can you share a link?

I have seen it where (depending how long ago the license was purchased) then buyers are refunded one license and they purchase the different one.


Firstly Envato do not rip off people as you claim.
It sounds like you are getting confused with your statement -

Depending on what exactly you are talking about there is a link here which explains about different types of license.

You can view it here:

I know about the different licenses that is not the issue raised.

This does not categorically say they have a solution - it says they will do their best to help find a solution.

This could very easily be like the example we gave above about refunding to re-purchase items that were bought fairly recently.

It does however still sound odd that support would not even reply - it’s this link you are using? Envato Market Help and Support

Yeah, that’s my point nobody is getting back to me and they have no live chat or phone contact option. That is the form that I used and sent copies of the two agreements for the same track and all the required information numerous times. They have terrible reviews on Trust Pilot, some complaining about the same thing. I wish I looked at them prior to purchase.

Have you ever spoken to anyone via that form from Envato customer services? Because it seems to be a dormant service. The messages state they have been successfully sent and nothing. I’ve been trying for at least 3 months, hence why I’m now venting here.