How do you update Theme???

How do you update the Bride multipurpose website is. I downloaded the update but can’t seem to find where to do the update on word press

You can try to install the Envato Market plugin from here

This should let you update the theme

When using this Envato theme update plugin why is it showing all the themes I’ve purchased (for my clients), isn’t there a way to just show the theme the site is using based on the license so it is easier to find the theme to update (if I own 5 copies of the same theme for different clients?). Any suggestions?

Hi guys, check my screenshot with update for wordpress, it will similar for all theme.

My video here:

Hi I’m new to wordpress I just wanted to ask when you have to update a plugin theme do you update the parent theme or child theme. My website been broken because of an update. I have destroy my website the second time now I am starting from scratch. Please can anyone give me some advice would be great thank you

you update only the parent theme. in the child theme you make modifications only if is needed

Thanks for replying I did update the parent theme from wordpress. I went to dashboard and update this broke my website this is the second time it happen

Depends how the theme was build. Talk with the author.

Also try to update wordpress to the latest version.

If your site is broken and you can’t access wp-admin do one of the following things

  • go to ftp and rename the activated theme to something like theme_backup and upload the theme from themeforest again.

  • if the site is still broken rename and the new uploaded theme to theme2_old then download wordpress again and replace wordpress with the latest version, then rename back themes to see if is working

Again, talk with the author.

Thank you all for the help, update solved.