How do you think this track will be approved? Feedback please

Hello @PalAudioLoop! Overall it’s a nice track :slight_smile: I’m not really sure why it’s rejected, but probably the sound of xylophone as the main melody is a bit too harsh for this happy sounding track. Maybe try switching it with other softer sounding percussion/keys like celesta, glockenspiel or the higher range of vibraphone?

Best of luck!

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make more fat )
Maybe add reverb on piano )
and pad =)

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Ok ) thanks)

The track as a whole is good! But it is necessary to work more with the track. I would recommend:

In the beginning: Add dynamics and space for Ukelele / Acoustic guitar.
Also, there are some shortcomings in the structure of the track.I think you understand what I mean. And the most important for some instruments is very short of Space in the mix (ie, the reverb).

If you modify this moments the track, in my opinion an excellent will go ‘‘Folk’’ or ‘‘Children’’

All the best!:sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Thanks )