How do you record your acoustic guitars? (Real guitar please)

Hello everyone, I open this thread so that we can share our experiences recording acoustic guitars, what guitar, mic / pre, mixing processes you are using and if you want you can share your Audiojungle tracks here, to be able to hear the final results (I hope I don’t break no rule).

For my acoustic guitar recordings, I use my Lakewood J-32 (a discontinued jumbo guitar), I use the preamps of my Audient ID14 interface and a couple of mic, before I doubled the guitars, but now to get a more natural and organic sound I record with two stereo mic, a ribbon mic near the 12th fret and a Rode NT1-A on the bridge, this video tutorial was a discovery for me.

P.S. Please no virtual instruments, only real guitars. Classical guitars are also welcome.


Hey! I join the topic. This is a very interesting topic for me. I would also like to know more about guitar recording. Friends share your experience! As for me, i recording guitars (acoustic Epiphone aj220 and my mex strat) straight to line inserts of my rme interface. But I would like to know more about recording acoustic guitar with microphones. Types of microphones, positions, preamps, guitars, methods etc?


My favourite sound I got on acoustic was with an Octava MK 012 and M-Audio Sputnik as an M-S pair, but then my Sputnik stopped working! :frowning:

Interested to hear how other people are recording guitar too :slight_smile:

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