How do you put linked images in your profile page?

It seems like it should be straight forward, I’m trying to make more than 4 collection images in my profile using html tags as it says, but for whatever reason it doesn’t work. Here’s what I got

< a href=“collection url”>< img src=“imgur url” alt=“collection title”>

This is a conventional format for linked images, and the link to the collection works, but no image displays and I can’t see anything wrong with the imgur link.

EDIT: for some reason that is beyond comprehension, imgur doesn’t offer direct album links as an option. Luckily however, the share link is similar to the direct link, so if you have a common image format, all you need to do is add the file extension at the end of the url in the img tag. In this case, all I needed to do was add .png to make <imgurURL.png>.