How do you make your songs feel so powerful?

When I listen to the songs loaded on audiojungle I realize how different they are in terms of power compared to mine and I can not understand how you can achieve such sound sensations of power especially on low frequencies. I wonder when you burn your tracks that values ​​in rms and lufs reach? I usually reach about -7 db of rms and with a lufs -9 / -8 around. I’m curious to hear your opinion. Thank you guys.


Super quick solution: Put a limiter plugin on your master channel and start decreasing its threshold slider until you just hit 0db on the master meter during the loudest peak of the track. That should give you the volume boost without adding any distortion, clipping, artifacts or difference in the mix.

From that point on, you can keep lowering the threshold even further and your track might sound even louder and more powerful, just do it really slowly and carefully because it’s easy to get carried away and mistake loud mix with no transients for a good mix. This is still a heated topic in music production, but everybody does it and if you do it properly and have done your mixing well beforehand, there’s a, say, 95% chance of your track sounding better and more commercial than it used to. :smile:

There’s plenty of information on limiting on the web to get you started.

Edit: Of course, this will just get your tracks to an AudioJungle loudness level, but if your tracks still lack bottom end compared to similar tracks, then it’s an arrangement and mixing issue that has no universal answer, just some generic tips like “try layering your bass track with an 808 sub one octave lower”.


Thanks for your answer, I usually use ozone I go on the final limiter and start from them to max the track up to the point of distortion … on this nn I have doubts…però then at the end of all the mastering known that nn sounds powerful in terms of sound sensation as well as the tracks that I listen on Aj … yet the levels in db good or bad are the same. I just wanted to know if any of you use any particular plug that gives power to mastering.

I think your tracks are pretty loud to be honest. No need to squash them any higher. Instead, i think its a better idea to concentrate on a clarity of the sound. And limiters (especially if overdone) usually tend to blur your sound and make mixes flat. I wouldn’t rely on limiter only.

I would recommend to start with a multiband compressor to re-shape your mix with a moderate compression applied on every band. Then adjust output gain to a maximum level without clipping. And only after that put a limiter and boost it a little more. A saturation plugin before limiter can help as well. But don’t put just a limiter with extreme settings, it makes the sound worse and flat (this is what i figured just a month ago myself lol).


I take note of what you tell me, thank you.

Yep, saturation is one of the tricks here, especially on individual instrument channels. Also, one more thing, parallel compression.


Yup. +1 for sidechain compression, specially between kick drum, snare and bass (but also dense pads and other low end containing elements). Though I’m not a big fan of the hypersquashed trend, that will give you some nice headroom to boost your piece a tad more.


Sorry I do not understand what you mean when you talk about saturation on every single channel of the instrument? maybe you talk about multiband saturation?

You can use a little saturation (you can try with some free tape saturation plugins out there or the beautiful Sausage Fattener for starters) or even a VERY carefuly applied parallel distortion in some of your instruments to crisp the harmonics and give them some presence and richness. Again, this is a delicate process so go gently on the settings until you reach a warmer sound without damaging the signal.


Thank you for your precious help, I will make it rich and I wish you the best for you.


lots of good stuff here, just thought I’d add something that I know is common sense but I think get’s over looked (i know it does by me).

If you’re doing guitar/bass stuff… change your strings regularly! I tracked two projects this weekend, one with strings that weren’t “dead” but definitely weren’t new but i figured they would be ok for one more project and then one last night with fresh strings… the difference is night and day in terms of clarity, punch, separation before ever even touching a fader or an eq.

I think I’m going to have to start composing 2 or 3 pieces at once and then go back and re-track them all with fresh strings all in one go.


Certainly playing with fresh strings brings enormous benefits in terms of freshness and detail of the notes, although sometimes I think also depends on the kind you are playing and the instrument. Anyway thanks for your advice I remain open to all those who want to add more, I think the sharing of information, techniques and tips are essential here, especially in recent times … after all we are artists and musicians and we are all a beautiful family, thanks for heart.

Basically what @WormwoodMusic said. Insert a saturation plugin on your instrumets that you want to get to sound “fuller”/“stronger” in the mix. You go gently with it though :slight_smile: Try Saturation Knob for starters (it’s free AFAIK). You’ll notice the difference :wink:


Thank you very much for the advice I noticed that you are successful in sales, I wonder what the secret is so much skill naturally.

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Great tip here:


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