How do you make import data for your clients like 1 click import.


I just want to share how we create import data and get some more idea to improve it.

We do… this way…

We have 2 servers.
One is the original server for real demo sites.
The other one is for import data sites which use for when clients import demo data.

  1. Create original demo sites in original demo server and import them as a xml file.

  2. import the exported xml file into our import server without images ( original images are high quality )

  3. Add optimized images ( a little low quality images ) into imported server / sites.
    ( we are using a little low quality images for import issue. some of clients use a cheap and low hosting and sometimes, it doesn’t import all of images or stuck )

  4. Export a xml file from import site and add it into theme.

So, we are basically having 2 server for each sites or demo import.

It’s like bothering to work 2 times. But I think it’s safe.
However, I feel like a little bit wasting time or servers. So I just want to get some ideas or experience from other authors.

How do you create import data or any better idea such as using cloud… etc?

Thank you!

Here’s my process;

  1. Create all posts and add compressed images on local dev machine
  2. Export XML file
  3. Change URL’s in XML to final demo location
  4. Compress all images
  5. Upload all images to demo server
  6. Import XML file into demo site
  7. Make any changes I need
  8. Final export of demo site XML which is supplied with the theme
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Thank you for the answer and sharing yours.

Dont you use 2 servers? one of them is for a live demo and the other one is import from your clients.
You do compress images 2 times ( 1,4). Any reason for it?

Is there any reason not to upload all ( xml + images )? I think you need to match ( attach images to posts ) again if you upload xml and images separately.

Thank you,

Hi Rob,

Juts one server for demos and images. Because all the images are compressed there isn’t so much server load when a user imports images. If I was selling 1000’s of themes and serving 1000’s of demo data install images I would have a separate server.

Image compression is set to around 50% but before I upload I also compress the original images too. Some of them are 6-8mb and these all get resized and compressed. So the post images are only compressed once when adding to posts and the original images are then compressed before uploading.

I upload the images first but still import them via XML. Any missing images are then added and any edits made before I export the final XML from the demo site.


  • Steve