How do you keep track of your envato downloads?

So like probably many of you, I have a pretty large folder of assets I’ve purchased over the years from envato, specifically from videohive and audiojungle. I’ve found myself spending a lot of time looking through folders to quickly preview a template to see if it fits my current needs and it’s become pretty cumbersome. I know files can be easily found in the downloads section, but sometimes a) an internet connection may not be available, and b) the item may have been pulled from the downloads section.

What I want to know is, has anyone else come across this dilemma and, follow up, have you found a solution? Like an offline digital asset management software or asset library. Preferably free.

Adobe Bridge doesn’t seem to cut it and most DAMs are cloud-based. I’m looking for something that can display items similar to envato’s quick view on the main search results page. Almost like a gallery for images/video/audio but wrapped in a desktop app with moderate tagging/organizing functions.

And insight will be very much appreciated!

PS: before anyone jumps on the whole licensing thing, sometimes like on CyberMonday for instance, I’ll buy a ton of templates that I know I’ll find use for in the future. Not talking about looking for items to reuse without buying new licenses.