how do you handle support


how you are handling support?

I am handling through comments so far but want to build a community around buyers.

I wanted to use flarum but those guys taking forever to update their code and i gave up on it,

i wanted to use ticksy but i read somewhere in old forums, even ticksy owner moved to some other platform.

so i want to know which platform you are using now.

i need

  • purchase code validation
  • forum
  • if possible, display some notice at top
  • if possible, articles section

Hello, i am giving support through email
i think you can create own forum :slightly_smiling:

thanks for response @ilmosys

Which forum software you are using and how do you validate purchase code?


try with zendesk, I had work with support position in 2 years and I had work with ticksy - zendesk - bbpress - ect. The zendesk system still my best suggestion.

thanks for the tip @Loc_rabbirt

I HIGHLY recommend

Rock solid, easy to use, and does much more than support, such as documentation etc.

Really great system.

@DistinctiveThemes but i read somewhere its being retired…is that true

or they are still innovating it?

Well, even over the last few days, more tweaks have happened to improve the UI, and over the last few months LOADS has been added and honestly, for the price - its incredible and given even more great new features are being announced on the ticksy twitter page we know its going nowhere

Not only is the platform solid as a really tough rock, but the extras it has so you can use it to house and create you own online faq and docs is just great.

I really cant recommend it enough :slightly_smiling:

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Hmm…you told all good things about it then you put me in dilemma :wink:

Nope, Ticksy isn’t going anywhere! We had considered selling and/or retiring but then instead rebuilt it again from the ground up, which is what you see today. Lots of new features this week and plenty more in the pipeline. :slightly_smiling:

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i am not using any software but zendesk is best: :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for the response @BoxyStudio
your response is enough for me to signup :slightly_smiling:

PS. Last time it was $5/pm but now it looks like you made it $9/pm :wink:

Hi, we are using Freshdesk :smiley: It’s nice

@ThemeMove does it allows you to verify envato purchase code?

Yes, man. We have some items, after verify the purchase code, it will show which item customers had bought.

Oh Great!

Thanks for the response @ThemeMove

Yep, it’s $9/support agent now. The slightly higher (but still affordable) price helps keep it going strong! :slightly_smiling:


To manage build a proper solution, just go with your own setup.
What I have for now is:

Easy Digital Downloads build for license managment
HelpScount Plugin together with Restict Content Pro to manage the Support
A Customization Portal, with weDevs Project managment ( also connected with helpscout ).

Those help me actually convert the clients to mine.

I will be more than happy to help more, just email me

Hi @creativeisG

i thought of doing same with the help of flarum but they are taking hell time to update.

my idea was to have my own portal where

  1. we can have knowledge base
  2. forums for each product with sub-forums like pre-sales, support, bugs, announcements, customization etc with different visibility levels

so that i can convert clients to forever my clients and build a small empire there but setting up something like that looks very time consuming to me :frowning:

it would be great, if you can help me in right direction for that.

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Add me to skype and I can help basiliskan