How do you get rid of the "audiojungle" on sound tracks when you are a paid member?

Kind of annoying as I have paid for the yearly subscription and it still had the watermark and on audio, it still plays “audiojungle” how do you remove this?


Are you sure you’re downloading from Envato Elements and not Envato Market? They are separate sites and not all the items for sale on Market will be available on Elements.


Hey KingDog

I just want audio to use and when I went to audiojungle it offered me the 16.50 unlimited downloads on that page. There it stipulated unlimited downloads of loads of things. Audio included on the list.
I see they are seperate now and this is massively problematic how do I go about sorting this as all I want is audio it said it was included and when you select audio on the Envato Elements page it takes you to market?

any guidance?


All of these tracks are included in your Elements subscription…


cheers for clearing it all up

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