How do you get a help ticket answered?

So anyone know how to get a help ticket answered? It’s my third time having to put in a ticket with Envato (not just elements) and this time there is literally no answer. No response. Nothing.

WP theme won’t install because the package is missing the css stylesheet. I looked through the package and there is not one. Why pay $80 for a theme when you pay monthly?

Anyone have a number they answer - don’t answer the one on the site, an email that gets looked at? Anything? No way my project’s going to be completed on time and now I have to pay 4 month’s worth of subscription for a theme I should get for “free”


How to Install a Theme on WordPress From Envato Elements

Here you will find how to install themeforest WordPress

Here you will received answer about stylesheet error solution

Here you will get both ticket opening way

  1. Emvato Elements
  2. Envato Market

hope you get the answer.
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