How do you generate more views (on audiotracks)?

I do know this is very wide question, and at the same I also know the common answers…

  • Write great music
  • Create Social Media Pages and a website and promote it there
  • Perhaps use your mailing list (personal or already dedicated to the “business”)
  • Delivery quality content on a regular basis…

This is all good and nice, but I would love to hear/read if some of you have found different ways. And essentially, when did Audiojungle start “to work for you”? I mean that the analytics show daily views on your tracks…

(I am currently still at the point where the only views come on the day of the upload from the AJ Landing page… : ( )

Looking forward to your stories!!

Best wishes,

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I don’t have any stories to share, but if I where you I would use the Here-are-some-items-I-recommend option:

That could possibly lead to more views. And when you get a larger portfolio that will lead to more views also.

I think you got a sale while I was writing this… :slight_smile:

Yep, I still have to get on that! Thanks for the advice man! :slight_smile: