How do you change the price string for individual Woocommerce subscription products?

I have been playing with multiple pieces of code that I have found around the web trying to piece together the right code to allow me to change the string for individual products. In one piece of code, it shows me using an array while referencing the product ids. In another piece of code, it allows me to return the string exactly the way I want it. Can you help me piece these two pieces of code together?

This piece of code is used find a specific item and call a str_replace function:

function wc_subscriptions_custom_price_string( $pricestring ) {
global $product;

$products_to_change = array( 99, 140);

if ( in_array( $product->id, $products_to_change ) ) {
$pricestring = str_replace( ‘every 3 months’, ‘per season’, $pricestring );

return $pricestring;
add_filter( ‘woocommerce_subscriptions_product_price_string’, ‘wc_subscriptions_custom_price_string’ );
The str_replace function here only replaces certain strings with new strings, however, I want to change up the entire string format.

This piece of code returns the string in the exact format that I want it to look, however, it changes the string value for all of the products and not just the ones I wish.

add_filter( ‘woocommerce_subscriptions_product_price_string’, ‘my_subs_price_string’, 10, 3 );

function my_subs_price_string( $subscription_string, $product, $include ) {

var_dump($product); Various variables are available to us

return ‘The console(s) cost is ’ . wc_price( $product->subscription_sign_up_fee ) .
’, and comes with a free ’ . $product->subscription_trial_length . ’ ’ . $product->subscription_trial_period .
’ trial of View More +. Following the trial, the monthly subscription will be ’ . wc_price( $product->subscription_price );

I need help combining the two so that only certain products return the string located in the second code snippet.