How do we change the name of Projects or delete them?

Hello, I have created multiple projects and I am wondering how I can change the names of some projects and delete others.

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Hi @shanekeller,

Envato Elements does not have a way to delete or rename projects at this time. For now, you can simply ignore the others and create a new project with the correct name.

If this is a feature you’d like to see added, feel free to open a Help ticket at the following link and request it:

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Thank you for letting me know. I feel this is an important feature as it will help organize, clear the clutter and help make naming more relevant when it makes sense too.



Are there any updates on this topic? :slightly_smiling_face:

…what a sad mess Envato Elements (unalienable unbelievable awesome content it is, I will glady pay even more - it’s too good to be truth) - so, we are paying regardless of what your legal situation on the matter is. We all know the internet is full of your content easily downloadable for free the wrong way and the few of us who decide to do the right thing (and pay) need to deal with this distrusting attitude (can’t rename nor edit project… ridiculous) … good thing i read it before i make even more mistakes - organization is key.

Anyways, back to business -. y’all have a beautiful day.

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How has this not been fixed yet?

“Envato Elements does not have a way to delete or rename projects at this time.”

It’s been 3 years, what have you been doing Envato? We pay for this service, the least you can do is address bugs and missing functionality… We NEED (not nice to have, but NEED to have) the ability to remove or rename projects. You NEED to add this ability if you expect us to keep paying hundreds of dollars a year to use your service over someone else.

Get your act together! This is horribly unprofessional

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Why do you need such a feature, just out of interest?

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I also would like the ability to rename or delete Projects. As a new user, I accidentally created a copy of a valid project name. Now I feel it clutters my screen during subsequent downloads. I’d like to delete this accidental copy.

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Because, sometimes mistakes are made.

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I really hope that this feature is being added. I wish to be able to merge projects or delete a project or at least edit the name.

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“Envato Elements does not have a way to delete or rename projects at this time.” (3 years ago)

Since this post / feature request without any changes in the management of licenses - but is marked as solved - I would like to emphasize politely how important this is for users who work tidily. I still could not find any options to organize my projects (and not collections!). Did I misss something?
I don’t find it helpful that we are advised to create new projects and download same licenses again if old names have gotten wrong. It is also not helpful to ask why we want an editing option for projects and titles at all. The more important question seems to me, why this possibility has not been given for a long time and is obviously not being worked on either?

“Why do you need such a feature, just out of interest?”

Because if you want to use envato elements as professional or a team and if you want to be well organized and not sloppy, you will quickly find an incredibly confusing list of dead or incorrect project titles. I don’t want to have this mess (e.g.because a collaborating team member named a project differently at the same time), I don’t want to download an item 2-10 times so that it is assigned to a correct project in the end and I don’t want to scroll page by page to get an overview of the items I actually use. I want to have the possibility to click a project and see, what I’m really using and licenced for it (this is different from storing items in collections to collect them for possible use). I would like to organize my data neatly across all platforms (e.g. 5 - 6 other stock databases) and assign them to uniformly named project titles. And I am again a paying user politely asking for this completely normal and widespread feature that already has been missed 3 years ago.

I look forward to a constructive response from the envato team …


Even if there’s no way to delete projects because of licensing (I would guess), there should still be a way to manage their visibility and what shows up when downloading. At least in this way you could hide all old projects and projects you’re not working on so there’s no clutter in the list. It’s definitely not optimal for organization.

The same here, there should be an option to edit or delete projects at least for the download list.

I clearly understand that a generated license can’t be edited and that’s okay, but the projects list should be editable for the sake of eliminating mistakes and better projects list organizing.

So a request for this feature here as well!

Thank you

It’s absolutely astounding to me that it’s now May 2022, and you still don’t have this feature.

“Why do you need such a feature, just out of interest?”

Because it’s such a fundamental and necessary feature that would be expected of any decent asset service.

That’s like saying, “Why do you need to edit or delete folders in Windows? You can simply ignore the others and create a new folder with the correct name.” That doesn’t sound bizarre to you? It’s basic data structure, maintenance, and cleanup.

I just signed up for a free trial, but I have serious doubts I’ll actually subscribe to this site, if it’s lacking such an obvious feature of asset organization.

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I would also like to upvote this “feature” for consideration. Proper project management is key to a tidy workflow, project names often change as goals get redefined, and even if licensing is the underlying reason for having ignored those of us who want/need this function, I am sure that a proper script can be written to change the licensed project assets are assigned to, on your end.

Please, Envato, give us a way to better manage our projects and their assets. A project/asset-management feature seems like a no-brainer for a service that offers millions of assets, me thinks…and I am sure there are thousands of other users who could greatly benefit from this.

I would love this feature.

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I need this too - I don`t want to see a pile of linked old/outdated projects in a big project list, every time I download something.

Its nerve wrecking. Please implement this feature in this decade, thank you.

I see this post after 4 years and the problem still exists.
Suggestion for Envato, if it is not possible to cancel or delete it at least allow hiding the old projects. It would make the download popup nicer and easy to use

What possible reason can you give for this not existing?

Fix this.

There absolutely needs to be a feature for organising and deleting or changing the names of projects.