How do we change the name of Projects or delete them?

Hello, I have created multiple projects and I am wondering how I can change the names of some projects and delete others.

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contact with your item author hope they will solved your issue

Or you can read your item documentation well

Hi @shanekeller,

Envato Elements does not have a way to delete or rename projects at this time. For now, you can simply ignore the others and create a new project with the correct name.

If this is a feature you’d like to see added, feel free to open a Help ticket at the following link and request it:

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That was not my question. Each item we download has a Project License associated with it. I am asking, how do we change the name of the Project License or delete the Project License.

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Thank you for letting me know. I feel this is an important feature as it will help organize, clear the clutter and help make naming more relevant when it makes sense too.



Are there any updates on this topic? :slightly_smiling_face:

…what a sad mess Envato Elements (unalienable unbelievable awesome content it is, I will glady pay even more - it’s too good to be truth) - so, we are paying regardless of what your legal situation on the matter is. We all know the internet is full of your content easily downloadable for free the wrong way and the few of us who decide to do the right thing (and pay) need to deal with this distrusting attitude (can’t rename nor edit project… ridiculous) … good thing i read it before i make even more mistakes - organization is key.

Anyways, back to business -. y’all have a beautiful day.

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How has this not been fixed yet?

“Envato Elements does not have a way to delete or rename projects at this time.”

It’s been 3 years, what have you been doing Envato? We pay for this service, the least you can do is address bugs and missing functionality… We NEED (not nice to have, but NEED to have) the ability to remove or rename projects. You NEED to add this ability if you expect us to keep paying hundreds of dollars a year to use your service over someone else.

Get your act together! This is horribly unprofessional

Why do you need such a feature, just out of interest?

I also would like the ability to rename or delete Projects. As a new user, I accidentally created a copy of a valid project name. Now I feel it clutters my screen during subsequent downloads. I’d like to delete this accidental copy.

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Because, sometimes mistakes are made.