How do refunds work?


The customer purchased one of my old items and requested a refund. The customer claims that the item is defective or broken. The customer did not contact me in support and does not wish to correct the problem.

Here is the message:
“It was broken when uploading it tried figuring it out but it would not work. I do not want a fix, I would like a refund…”

I checked the item and did not find any inconsistencies. The item was sold for a long time and I did not receive a message about problems. As a result, I do not even know if this problem exists.

Technically, I have to approve the refund. But what to do if the customer does not want to explain what the problem is?




In this situation you should to discuss with the customer by replying refund request and offer him to contact you through your item support so that you can check what is going wrong and can fix if any issues exist.


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