How do music producers get good musicians to work with?

Hello guys,
Here is my new question for you. Please answer me this, I am so confused about all this.
Which[ instruments should be used?

Hey @stevedanielmark, getting professional Musicians to work with will depend on your terms of contract, You can make an advertisement and interview participants. They can offer you with a show case of what they have done before.
On Instruments to use.

  1. Get Piano
  2. Keyboard
  3. Guitars (Solo, rhythm, Bass etc.)
  4. Drum sets
  5. Microphones
  6. Saxophones
    The list is Huge, do not forget the amplifiers and Mixers and the Music Softwares to guide you.
    NOTE: QUALITY should be considered in all the above.
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Hey Steve I agree with @JOVITECLTD its all depends on a lot different circumstances. I think its important to be honest about your intentions regardless of your budget. If you need assistance DM me.