How do I use the Enfold Theme to make my site look similar to my friend's site who uses Enfold also?

I purchased the Enfold theme a while ago and I just renewed my support for it. I have a friend who uses the theme on his website and he was the one who suggested that I use that theme as well since we do similar things in digital marketing. Is it possible to have someone look at my friend’s website and then perform modifications on my website so it looks and functions similar to it?

Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. For doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress experts at Envato Studio.

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You didnt write link from your friend site and what functions you want on your site? Maybe he have custom made site based on Enfold theme?

I apologe for the long delay in my reply. I don’t think I got a notification saying that anyone replied. I just got an e-mail recently saying Enfold was updated and that is why I am back. I hope I am allowed to post the links to the sites. I would like my Enfold based website to look similar to either of the following two sites:

Please let me know if you are able to assist with my request.

Hello @Avarice777

No hard feelings but frist site is looking disaster. It is looking veeery amateur . Second site is little better but same thing.

They’re not mine, so no hard feelings. I’m still a web developer, but I’d rather put that hat aside and focus on my . I’m more of a publisher, marketer, and businessman now. So, I have to think about what my goal is. My goal is to have a home base website that generates a lot of income based on my skills. The strange reality is that those two “disaster” websites generate more money than almost any of the “fancy” new websites. While there will probably be a need for “fancy” websites in the future, the goal isn’t looking amazing, it’s income generation.