How do I upload a template campaign URL to MailChimp?

I’m a first-time user of Envato Elements. How do you upload a campaign template into Mailchimp? I’ve followed the instructions provided on Mailchimp’s website, but it doesn’t work.

Operating System & Stuff:
macOS Mojave 10.14.2
Google Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98
Deso Template - Maestro

  1. Downloaded zip file from Envato Elements & unzipped
  2. Selected Mailchimp folder
  3. Double clicked on mailchimp.html file which opened up the template on Chrome
  4. No options to make any edits on the template, so I did nothing
  5. Copied template URL from Chrome
  6. Created new campaign in Mailchimp
  7. Selected create your own
  8. Selected upload HTML
  9. Inserted the copied URL from item 5 above
    1. Clicked “import”
    1. Received error message “this is not an existing URL”

I had a feeling I was doing it wrong to begin with, but figured I’d take a stab at it anyway. I am somewhat tech savvy, but not code knowledgable other than very rudimentary HTML (which I still have to read cheat sheets to do). Please dumb it down for me when responding! :slight_smile: