How do I unregister or deactivate account from my mock up website and apply it to my live site?

I am using the Soledad theme. I installed Soledad on my mock up website to work with my client. When my client was happy with the layout, I recreated it on the client’s webhosts server and went live. So technically it is set up on two sites, but I am going to delete the mockup site. What do I need to do to deactivate it from the mockup site and make it active on the live site?

Hope that makes sense…

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Hi @saranee,

theme license is unique. so, you will not be able to use the license (purchasecode) in more than one time. So, after completing the project in your own test domain you can migrate the work in your live domain. if after migration into your live domain(production website) theme ask to register the theme license then you must have to deregister the theme license from your test domain then you will be able to use the license (purchasecode) for your live domain(production website). If need any help then have to contact theme author.

contact the theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, the theme author will be happy to assist you within their scope.


Exactly how do I “deregister” the theme license from the test domain. Do I just delete the soledad theme from the test site?



Where is the “Dashboard>Soledad>Theme License>” you are referring to? It is not on my wordpress theme dashboard anywhere.



Yes, it’s wordpress.

The “Soledad” link will be in the left hand menu in WP-admin

We changed the name of the URL for the website from to My client wanted something catchy after we created the site and went live with it.

When I try to activate the theme, I get the message “This license key has been registered for the domain: please buy a new license.”. That is the old URL name.