How do I set up the header and footer for this kit?

Hello, I’ve purchased the Criativo theme - Creative Agency & Portfolio Elementor Template Kit, and I’ve begun working on the homepage. Everything is okay so far. However, I’m unsure how to use and install the header and footer. Should I manage them as templates (I’ve tried, but it’s causing an error, so it might not be possible)? In other words, if I edit the header, will it be automatically updated across all pages that include the header? And how can I import the header onto each of my pages? Could you please explain the method to use with this kit? I’ve reached out to the theme author multiple times, but I’ve never received a response.


Does this help you?

Hello 123Simple;

Thanks for your help, I’ll take a look and get back to you.
Thanks again.

You gave me a tutorial for the wrong business theme. I looked, and the instructions in your tutorial don’t match my theme; Criativo - Creative Agency & Portfolio Elementor Template Kit by Rometheme. It’s really unfortunate. I’ve written to Rometheme several times on their official website and on Envato, but never received a response. It’s disappointing…"


It looks like this item uses ElementsKit Lite, which handles the header and footer. Go to ElementsKit > Header Footer to create one and click the gray folder icon in the Elementor builder to insert your header template from your My Templates tab. ElementsKit – Wpmet

Please note that Template kits do not include author support.


Thanks a lot !