How do i search for music?

A client gave me the title of a music bed they would like to use, that they say they found on Envato. When i search “1099811_itsAboutUsVersionA_60_Standard” nothing comes up. is it possible its not from this site?

That name doesn’t look like the usual format for files around here, and those numbers in the beginning don’t match any items or preview numbers. Would you happen to have the preview file itself?

no this is all i have

In that case, it’s fairly likely that the audio in question is from a different website. There are only two formats for preview files around here, and yours doesn’t fit either of them. It’s especially unlikely to find something like “VersionA_60_Standard” in a file name here.

t Your client can click on this link from their account and see all the items they have purchased. If he bought the track here, he will definitely find it in Downloads.