How do I request for support on an HTML theme I bought?

The main slider does not appear yet on the source code viewed online, yet when on the local machine it’s showing. The space does not appear either. Check with the index page.

In the index page and about, there are some tabs, that are not changing upon clicking. I think sorting the first problem will sort the second one.

The donations part: I thought I’d find very easy steps to implement; but I realized that only the form structure had been created. I wonder whether I can get some tips on how to implement it?

You can check out the website from and give a response.

Thanks very much for considering this, as it’s due real soon and I have lots of bugs to fix; which I don’t even understand.

You can contact the author’s support alhough be aware what does, and does no fall under support

FYI the donation par is going to be quite specialised and definitely is not going to come under general support. You could look for a freelancer to help at