How do I report content that didnt' match the description? Like baseball icons instead of hearts?

If this is the wrong place to go, I apologize, I can usually find the buttons to report such a thing, or to contact the team, but no luck. Is there a way to let Envato (or the content creator/ publisher) know that there’s a mixup in the content downloaded compared to what was advertised/ described?

You can comment on the item, or go to the authors profile and use the contact form on the right side of their page.

hi the best way is to contact the author if this is related to content and description , see with them first and if they do not answer, then try to contact the help center

Thanks for the Replies! I’m having trouble finding where on the product pages to leave a comment or contact the author. I click on the Author’s name, and I get the “more from Author” page, but nothing obvious on the page for getting an author profile/ contact page or comment sections on their products. Is this the forum to reach out to for Envato Elements content subscription services?

Envato Elements Help and Support
Try that link to open a ticket