How do I renew ThemeForest or ThemeBlossom Support?

I can’t get support from Theme Blossom presumably because my support subscription has expired. Unfortunately there is no way to renew support on the Theme Blossom website: Can you help me to renew Theme Blossom support?

You can renew support from your downloads page:
Find the theme you purchased and click “Renew support now”:


Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this info. I renewed my ThemeBlossom support subscription. See attached invoice, but neither ThemeBlossom nor TF has responded to my request for support.

The issue is that I converted from Candidate theme to Candidate 16 theme, but cannot get the Candidate 16 footer options to work to my satisfaction.

Also the widgets design page shows up scrambled, which makes editing the footer widget areas much more difficult.

How can I get someone to address these issues?


How long have you waited for a response? They claim their response time is usually 24 hours but due to recent issues it can take longer.

TF does not provide support, only ThemeBlossom can assist. If they’re not replying to you then you can try leaving a comment on the item to see if they got your request.

Audrey Clement has shared a OneDrive file with you. To view it, click the link below.!AkGwQfmBFz0ZhzHZpQ-r_2331qpP



The attached print screen document shows that I submitted my support request to Theme Blossom five days ago.

Can you get them to respond? If I can’t get support, I won’t be able to go live with Candidate 16. That’s unfortunate, because it looks like the theme has a lot of excellent features. Maybe there’s another version out there with fewer bugs. I won’t know till they get back to me.

Audrey Clement