How do I remove this stray pixel on the TOP LEFT of my icon

It is 24X24 pixel grid with the corner radius of 2dp.

this is the vector image below

hi how can u have pixels in illustrator?! lol are u using bitmap in a vector app? lol

You can do a “Pixel Preview” in Illustrator to see how the pixels line up at different sizes, since most of the time on the web vector images are shown as bitmaps.

Are you talking about the grey pixel in the left corner of the curve? That’s sort of needed for it to look like a curve and not a jagged edge, isn’t it?


good to know but what is the interest?! LOL if u put a vector smart object in photoshop th thing is not pixellating anyways …

Right, but for example, the bottom version in the images above may be showing a vector, but you’re seeing it as a bitmap. As another example, if he exports the 24x24 vector as a PNG, it will be a bitmap image with the pixels laid out the way you see them in the top image. It’s just a way to preview how it will look when exported in a bitmap format.

if you look closely there are two extra light grey pixels(vertically aligned) on the top left corner apart from the pixel that is needed to make the icon look like curve. (Look two pixels from the left)
I tried changing the corner radius from 2dp to 1dp & that did the job but I wanted to know how to remove them & have a 2dp corner radius as well.

Ah, you’re right, I didn’t see it before.

I’m not really sure how you’d be able to remove them from appearing in the preview, since they’re automatically generated based on the shape. Are they really noticeable when viewed at 100% zoom?

If you plan on exporting the bitmap version, you could manually erase those pixels in something like Photoshop afterwards.

No, they are not noticeable when viewed at 100% zoom. That icon is part of my icon pack that I plan on selling on envato but I dont think that envato will accept icons which have stray pixels(those 2 grey pixels).

Though I have corrected the mistake by changing the corner radius to 1 dp in some icons but I have a question that whether its okay to have different corner radius or not.
Will my icon pack get rejected because I dont have consistent corner radius in all my icons??

Pixel art is a little different than just reducing the picture. Pixel art assumes drawing an element from scratch, pixel by pixel. Now it just looks like an auxiliary sketch. Now there are a lot of gray pixels, although logically there should be only black ones

Are you planning on selling them as the vectors or as pixel art?

If you’re going to sell the vectors then you don’t need to worry about the pixels at all, especially since this grey pixel issue likely won’t be there when it’s at a different size.

If you’re selling these as pixel art, then you need to draw them as pixels manually.

If you’re just selling the bitmap PNG’s, then it likely won’t be accepted due to low market value.

I am going to sell the vector file (.AI) & also I will be exporting the icons in .png format & add it in the main files. Therefore, kindly let me know whether I can sell like this or not.

Also what do you mean by low market value?

Yes you can upload it like that.

I mean low market value as in the vast majority of icons are sold as vector which is the most versatile format an icon can be, if you were to not sell the vectors and only PNGs, then it’s highly unlikely that anyone would buy it, so it would have little to no value on the marketplace.

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Okay, I get it, thank you for your reply.

Also do you have any advice on how to sell my icons on envato, like what kind icons should I sell, how to increase the chances of getting my icon pack approved by Envato, minimum no of icons I should include in my icon pack, etc.

Well I don’t sell icons myself, but I can give you some general tips.

Like with any item, your icons should be unique. Basic corporate themed icons have been overdone quite a lot, so you don’t want to touch that. If you look at the newest and trending icons of recent, you’ll see a bit of a common theme, being the addition of colours and small details, along with some icons for things that don’t get icons very often, that’s what you should try to do. Your best bet is to look at what sort of icons are out there, then think of some that aren’t.

The icons themselves aren’t the only thing’s that matter, the presentation is one of the most important parts of the item, make it stand out and show each icon clearly.

In terms of number of icons, it varies. If you have some fairly unique and detailed niche based icons, you can get away with around 5-20 icons. However, if you’re going for a simple look of a theme that’s been done many times before, you should have hundreds or even thousands of icons.

Remember, this is a very competitive field, you should always be pushing yourself to do something better, and more unique. Don’t just do the same thing as someone else because it worked for them, try to do something better. And don’t pump out items over and over, put time and care into your items. I see so many people post things fairly regularly, but most of their items have little to no sales, which could be for various reasons, but I think it’s mainly due to not putting in much effort.