How do I present my slides in images like this?


This is my first post, so apologies if I’m in the wrong place. I have a few keynote/PowerPoint presentations that I wanted to display visually like these pictures. How do I go about it? What software is used to create? Are they templated or manually created?

Thanks in advance

Look on graphicriver for presentation, slides etc. Mock-ups

Thanks for the reply Charlie. It’s not actually the style of the slides themselves, they’re finished. It’s how these images display multiple slides in creative ways. I’ve attached an image that demonstrates what I mean. Is Artmonk using a template to present all of these different slides in the same way?

It’s still mockups that you need like this right?

Mock ups is the phrase I’ve been looking for. Thanks Charlie, really appreciate it :ok_hand:

There’s quite a few - try ‘showcase’ as well but yes mockup (maybe mock-up, or mock up) is right

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