How do I place a complaint?

I look for a private way to do this and have found none. The author of the theme I am using (just bought) has taken up an attitude. And this has happened the last few times I have purchased something here and had problems. Have I been put on a customer crap list to receive bad support from envato? Because it sure seems that way. Because before I had a problem with a certain author and got a refund, and before other plugin and theme authors were more than willing to help me. Not anymore.

Now no one wants to now. In fact I am now blocked from getting updates on more than one product here and the latest theme I have paid for extended support is the latest in having no support on. Is this your way of saying we don’t want your business anymore is to really make the customer mad? And is this because I got one refund? If this is the way envato runs things?.. Because right now that how I see it on my end. Because explain to me why this whole attitude change from every author I now buy from?

And the things that really me mad is, my site sits in limbo because a theme I have purchased is not working the way that it should, I gave the author complete access to my site his response was to leave links on how to build a wordpress site as if the problem stems to my ignorance as if to imply I don;t even know what a website is so here’s a couple of links to show you how to build one. I’m surprised he did not just leave a link to what the internet is and what wordpress is as well.

Says on my downloads page theme is no longer available, And I was solicited by e-mail to buy it because it was such a great theme and a top seller. And now this?

Do I need to go elsewhere to get plugins and themes, because I really do not understand how everything was going so well then went into the crapper and everything I buy here now? So why else would have everything went bad after the one refund? So I cannot have a problem here and report it and not get blackballed? WOW how wonderful.

Or maybe the authors have a secret blackball list and I ended up on it?

Remember I tried to look for a private way to do this and found none. I did not want to air this openly in case there was an explanation. But no such option existed that I could find. Notice I did not mention the author’s name or the theme name.

And this bad support was on his forum on his page, Maybe you guys need to restrict that to somewhere on this page to have more control over what happens between the customer and thew author. Oh and the reason I know I get personally blocked by authors ever since that one refund, is because the supposed no longer available plugins etc…I can no longer download. I see later still for sale when I go looking and I’m not logged in. So if theme or plugin is not available and has been removed, explain why if I log out I can still find it for sell?

Hello! With complaints only here
They will be happy to help you!
Good luck and all the best! :slight_smile:

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Okay, thanks. Shot them off a message.