How do I open font files?

I’m new and lost so please excuse the ignorance.

I’ve downloaded a couple of font files however there is no program to open them. The files merely end in JHGFD for example. Not photoshop of Illustrator type files.

How in the world do I open them?


are you facing this problem in Envato market or elements?


Just signed up.

No file type or zip or anything - not impressed.


Other customers are experiencing the same issue, so something isn’t working properly on Envato’s side. So, please open a Help ticket at the following link:

Hope elements will fix this very soon.


Done so but wanted a logo done tonight to get a website live.

No chance of that then.

you can check tips if work for you. otherwise please wait till it will fix from envato side

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Will try but 5 mins as a customer not the best start.

Can’t - I have a Mac. Great!

Asked for refund. Don’t have time on hands to waste. Soz.

Sorry! for this temporary issues, hope will fix soon. please keep patience Support Team will reply on your support ticket. Thanks

We had an issue with Envato Elements last night that prevented some types of files from being downloaded - that issue was resolved earlier this morning, and you should be able to download items as normal.

If you see anything like this in future, you can check to see if an incident has been reported - that link will show you the status of all Envato sites and marketplaces.

You can also open an Elements Help Ticket and our Customer Success team can look into it for you :slight_smile:


Thanks yes I ascertained that.

Disappointing thing is I signed up at 6pm my time and this was my first encounter with elements so as you can imagine not the best first impression.

I’ll see how it goes.