How do I make banner clickable?

How do I make banner clickable on the main page?

You need to include that banner into an ‘anchor tag’. Like this -

<a href="">Your banner code here</a>

I dont know how and where to add those codes. I screen shot for you to see.

Best option is to ask the author

Who is the author?

If visit the item page the info will be there but you have no buyer badge on this account - did you buy the item on themeforest?

No, one developer did this website for me but lots of errors and need amendment. He has left and no longer available to help.

I thought this is the place where I can seek help. Is this a forum for wordpress?

There are general WordPress support and forums at

File specific (assuming that what you are using was/is an envato theme) would be reserved for the buyer.

You could otherwise hire help at

Ok noted, thank you for your info.
I am very confused, I thought this is wordpress which I have told the developer to create, now I am struck with small issues need to rectify and yet I need to find specific developer to do.

Thank you for your response.

I must pay if I ask studio envato to help,

Yes envato studio is freelancers for hire and would need paying

Based on your screenshot your site is a WP theme and uses VC page builder so, in theory, it should be quite simple to modify without the need to mess about with the raw code.

For example the hero image could be a static image so probably edited using the page builder or it could be a slider plugin in which case it would need to be edited from there

I know how to edit the slider header to make it clickable, is the the same method. I check the backend admin but could not find the same setting as the slider header banner. So I guess it is something different, and need some setting to done which I am not familiar with?